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Transfer FAQ

Will my Butler credits transfer to other schools?

The quick answer to this question is, yes! Butler is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and the Kansas State Board of Education. However, there are several other considerations which come into play in transferring credits to other schools.

  • The first thing to realize is that just because a course is transferable to another college or university does not mean it will count toward a major or program. Course equivalencies for most of the colleges and universities in Kansas are available on their web sites, but it is also important to be familiar with course catalogs and other materials published by the transfer school relevant to the student's major and to consult with advising staff both at Butler and at the transfer school. Only then will the student be assured that the classes he/she takes will both transfer and count toward his/her chosen major or program.
  • The most readily accepted credits at four-year colleges and universities are academic in nature. Those classes that are remedial, vocational/technical, community education, and personal interest courses are not as readily accepted as either transferable or countable at most four-year colleges and universities.
  • If a student transfers to a Kansas public university with the 45 credit hour distribution of courses listed in the Kansas Board of Regents Articulation Agreement, he/she will have satisfied the general education requirements for the Kansas public university of his/her choice. However, many majors have specific general education requirements. Consequently, even though a student completed 45 credit hours at Butler and followed the distribution requirements of the Articulation Agreement, if he/she didn't take those major-specific general education requirements, he/she may find that he/she has additional general education courses to take when he/she arrives at the university.

The bottom line is that it is very important for students transferring from Butler to another college or university to make the decision as to his/her major and transfer school early and then consult with advisors at both schools in order to select courses which will be both transferable and countable for the major.

Do I have to get an associate degree before transferring?

There are several reasons why you may wish to complete your associate degree. First, four-year colleges and universities will accept you as a junior and may waive additional general education requirements (see note above regarding the Articulation Agreement). Second, an associate degree shows employers that you've met a set of requirements toward a specific degree plan and have not merely taken random courses. Third, obtaining your associate degree can give you a feeling of accomplishment and the sense that you are halfway to obtaining a bachelor's degree! However, it is always your choice. 

How do I get a transcript sent to another school?

In order to send a transcript, please visit the Request A Transcript page.