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Staff Development

Students aren’t the only ones who grow here.

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Tiffany Rhodes, PHR
Assistant Director of HR/Staff Development
Office: BOA 5228

Wendy Deewall
Human Resources / Benefits Specialist
Office:  BOA 5231 and BOE 903

From Admissions to Retention to Facilities to Finance, the work performed by our staff is as diverse as it is essential to our mission as a college. Every member of our staff is integrally connected to our success in serving students, and all of us depend on each other on a daily basis to perform at a level of excellence that is worthy of our students’ trust.

Like our students, we are also on a mission of personal and professional growth. The Staff Development arm of Human Resources is charged with the responsibility of cultivating that growth. We provide training for all employees and in-service programs that provide development opportunities across a diverse range of skill sets. Through Butler’s performance management and evaluation process, employees establish individualized plans for their career advancement, then work in a mentoring relationship with their supervisors to pursue those objectives.

The overarching goal is to create a culture in which everyone is positively contributing to our shared success. We value the sense of family that is very real among the staff here at Butler, and work to ensure that our programs strengthen that culture and make working here a personally and professionally rewarding experience.