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Agribusiness students learning during class near Wichita at Butler Community College

The future of agriculture depends on smart business managers

When you study agribusiness at Butler Community College, you learn both agriculture and business. And, you can learn it either face-to-face or totally online. This course of study is an ideal preparation for gaining practical experience in livestock production, agricultural sales and crop yield. In addition to learning in-depth agricultural skills, you are using the latest technology to understand food system dynamics. After you complete your two-year degree, you can head straight into the field or transfer to a four-year school.

Estimated Tuition for Agribusiness: $7,965**

Tuition Total: $6,283
Student Fees Total: $1,647
Course Fees Total: $35

**This includes two years of tuition and student fees based on being a Kansas Resident and taking 65 credit hours. Registration fee of $15 each semester not included. Technology Access Charge not included. Housing and meal plans not included. Fees may vary depending on specific electives.

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