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Did you ever want to be the boss? You can learn how at Butler. Industry professionals show you how to market, advertise and manage a successful business. When you major in Marketing, Management, and Entrepreneurship, you learn how to start your own business or run someone else’s. This certificate will help you succeed.

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Estimated Tuition for Marketing, Management, and Entrepreneurship: $7,800**

Tuition Total: $6,180
Student Fees Total: $1,620
Course Fees Total: -

**This includes two years of tuition based on being a Kansas Resident and taking 60 credit hours, estimated fees, and estimated books. Housing and meal plans not included. Fees may vary depending on specific degree path.

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The graph below illustrates local salaries based on a career path related to this degree. Each career path varies as does the necessary training required.* For further information, connect with your program’s lead instructor.

$ hourly wage
annual job openings

are currently employed in Kansas.

*Salaries will vary based on degree level obtained and years of experience. The accuracy of EMSI data is deemed reliable but not guaranteed by Butler Community College and is subject to change.