About Agriculture

Our nationally recognized program lets you grow in your chosen field.

Agriculture is both a business and a science, and in today’s world, it is a profession being challenged by exploding populations and declining resources. That’s why advanced skills and training are essential to success down on the farm or out on the range.

It’s also true that agriculture is a field that has become more specialized, which is why Butler offers more than 40 courses and several different degrees. Our programs are designed to give you control over the degree you pursue based on your chosen career path. Select from courses in areas such as animal and food sciences, agribusiness or range management. Train with the most advanced technology in our newly renovated agriculture facility just a half-mile away from the El Dorado main campus.

Our agriculture program and instructors have risen to national prominence. So you can be confident that your degree from Butler will prepare you well to pursue a bachelor’s degree. It will also distinguish you in a competitive job market.


Scholarship Information 

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