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Professional Licensure

In compliance with the U.S. Department of Education, Butler Community College provides information on relevant programs leading to professional licensure and certification. Butler Community College offers programs that lead to professional licensure or certification within the state of Kansas that may be recognized in other states. Please note that professional licensure requirements may vary from state to state. Some states may require graduation from an approved program, while others may request compliance with requirements from national organizations. Specific amounts of training and/or passage of a state exam may be required for licensure or certification. Continuing education may also be required to maintain state licensure or certification. 

Disclosures Based on Student Location

The U.S. Department of Education requires direct disclosures of professional licensure or certification information to students based on their location. Butler Community College determines the location of students based on the information given by the student during registration. Students relocating to another state prior to completing a program may experience a change in state licensure or certification requirements. Prior to relocation, students should connect with their program lead/chair to discuss the impact of their relocation on their licensure or certification requirements. Should a student choose to relocate prior to completing a program, an updated address must be filed with the Registrar's office using the Student Data Update Form. Until an update form has been received, Butler Community College will not consider a student to have relocated. 

Guidance for Students in Licensure of Certification Programs

  • Prospective students residing outside of the United States should confirm with the appropriate licensing or certifying agency whether the completion of the program will meet the requirements for licensure or certification in the country in which they intend to seek employment. 
  • Prospective and current students should review the requirements of the program (i.e. practicum, internships, and pre-qualifications such as a background check) prior to enrolling. 
  • Students should contact the applicable licensure board(s) in the state in which they reside or that which they intend to obtain a license or certification before starting a relevant program and before starting a practicum or internship. 
  • Note that many licensing and certifying boards require more than program/degree completion to obtain a license or certification. 
  • State laws, regulations, and policies may change at any time and can impact the program's ability to meet educational requirements for licensure or certification. 

Programs that Lead to Licensure or Certification

Athletic Training 
Certified Medication Aide 
Certified Nurse Aide 
Construction Technology 
Early Childhood Education 
Elementary Education 
EMT/Advanced EMT 
Fire Science 
Music Education (Instrumental) 
Music Education (Vocal) 
Operator Certification for Assisted Living Homes
Pre-Physical Therapy 
Pre-Physician Assistant 
Secondary Education 
Sociology & Social Work 
Unified Teaching