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CLEP Testing

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Colleges and universities differ in the policies on scores accepted and credits awarded on every CLEP exam. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure their CLEP score will be accepted by the college or university they wish to attend.

If transferring from Butler to a four-year college or university, it is the student’s responsibility to contact a counselor/advisor at that institution prior to taking an exam to determine their CLEP requirements and acceptance of scores and credits. That institution will apply its own policy to your original scaled score rather than transferring the credit Butler has granted.

To receive CLEP credit from Butler:

A student must score at least the minimum level on any given test as established by Butler’s English and Mathematics Departments. CLEP exam scores will be posted as a credit (CR) on a student’s transcript. The Butler Registrar grants college credit subject to approval from the appropriate dean for the CLEP examinations on the following basis:

Pending department approval, a student scoring in at least the 50th percentile in one or more of the examinations receives credit on their transcript. A maximum of 30 hours of CLEP may be applied toward graduation.

Important Information and Exclusions

CLEP exams alone do not fulfill all degree requirements, students must complete 15 credit hours in residence at Butler. CLEP exams in science do not fulfill the laboratory science requirement for an associate degree. Butler does not offer departmental exams for credit. Butler does not allow CLEP credit for English Composition II or Speech.

Any questions regarding credit by examination should be addressed to the Registrar or Advising offices.

Note: Nursing students who wish to CLEP any of the seven prerequisite courses may do so. However since credit hours are issued without grades for a CLEP exam, and entrance to the program is based on the combined grades of the seven prerequisite courses, the CLEP course is considered equivalent to a grade of C; that will be reflected in the final GPA calculation.

For additional information and preparation materials go to CLEP’s web site at:

Active Duty Service please view this page for testing at McConnell AFB