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Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusion Council

Inclusion and Diversity at ButlerIn support of its institutional values, Butler Community College nurtures diversity and inclusion through the practice of Cultural Competency, an ever-evolving concept that recognizes, supports, and embraces the understanding of human difference. Through culturally competent behaviors, attitudes, instruction, and policies, Butler promotes a diverse educational experience, fosters inclusivity to ensure student success, and contributes to the vitality of the institution and the communities it serves.

Purpose of the Team

The Inclusion Council coordinates and directs efforts to advance Butler’s Inclusion Mission and Vision and achieve defined objectives for faculty, staff and students. The council is made up of representatives from Academics, Student Services, Institutional Support and Operational Staff. The Council’s work is aimed at leading sustainable, systemic change across Butler’s institutional culture. 

Alignment of Team to college strategic priorities: The work of the Inclusion Council is directed toward promoting continuous improvement of the college’s four Strategic Priorities: Ensure Student Success, Contribute to Our Communities, Invest in our Employees’ Success and Advance Institutional Effectiveness.