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Institutional Review Board

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Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Butler Community College ensures the ethical treatment of research participants involved in studies conducted in the name of Butler and performed by students, faculty or staff. The IRB reviews applications and grants permission to research which satisfies ethical standards. Specifically, research with human participants must include informed consent, a realistic option to quit, debriefing, and must contribute to a field of study. Additionally, the primary researcher must be certified by NIH (See step 2 below).

Research involving human or animal participants must seek and gain IRB approval before the start of data collection, unless the research meets the following exceptions listed on the Exceptions List (see step 3 below).

If the research you are proposing does not meet the above exemptions, please create an Informed Consent Form using the provided template (see step 4 below), then complete the application form (see step 5 below). If granted, approval stands for up to one year, but must be reissued if significant changes are made to the research design, implementation, or implications, or if data collection continues on past one year.

IRB - Review Process and Forms

  1. Fully design your research, including all materials (survey questions, scales, etc.).
  2. Determine who is the Primary Researcher and be sure s/he has reviewed materials here.
    PHRP Archived Course Material
    PHRP Archived Course Quiz
  3. Determine whether you expect your research to be exempt by checking here.
  4. Download and complete the Consent Form here
  5. Submit your proposal here.

The IRB reviews must review all proposed research and campus activities involving human subjects, regardless of funding (except those exemptions mentioned above).

The IRB adheres to  federal guidelines set by the Office for Human Research Protections, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Specific criteria must be met by any research seeking approval.

Proposals requiring review will be processed within 3 weeks of the date submitted.

For more information about consent forms see this resource from The Office for Human Research Protections.

You'll be notified via email after your application has been reviewed. The notification you receive will state whether the IRB approved or denied your proposal and what steps you need to take.

If you have any questions or concerns contact IRB chair Nathan Swink via email  ( Dr. Swink can also be called at 316-323-6252 or can be found in office 5125N in the 5000 building at the Andover during the regular school year.