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About Unmanned Aircraft Systems

UAS, State-of-the-Art Technology

Soar off to a new, in-demand career

Learn to fly a drone, maneuver an unmanned aircraft system and receive an associate degree - all in two years. And in two more years, you can walk out of Kansas State Polytechnic in Salina (Butler's UAS partner institution) with a bachelor's degree in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). You also have the option to directly enter the workforce with your associate degree with this cutting-edge education.

Kansas State Polytechnic is one of the first universities in the nation to offer a bachelor's degree in UAS. According to Kansas State Polytechnic research, by 2025, approximately 100,000 jobs will be created in this multi-billion dollar industry. When you study in this field, you have the opportunity to work in agriculture, real estate, law enforcement, fire science and industry. The U.S. military is also in need of UAS trained graduates. This program allows you to fly drones and gather aerial photographs, from soil measurement to power line inspections. Your job outlook is boundless.