Fine Arts & Communication Scholarships

Instrumental Music Scholarship Audition Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in the Instrumental Music Department. Auditions for Instrumental Music Scholarships have moved online!  The Butler Fine Arts and Communication Division continues to monitor and modify our practices and procedures based on the most current Covid-19 health protocols. Our way of auditioning students will adapt to the changing conditions.  We hope to see you online this spring! 

The Instrumental Music Department offers a wide variety of opportunities to perform. Our in-state tuition and books scholarships are in high demand and we encourage all interested students to submit audition materials as soon as possible.  Students do not need to be music majors to receive in-state tuition and books scholarships.  


All students must register for their audition by filling out the online registration form on the Fine Arts and Communication Scholarships page.  Additional instructions on how to submit your online audition will be emailed after your successful registration. 

A letter of recommendation from a high school music instructor or private teacher (phone call accepted) is due with your audition submission. 

Please complete your audition in one video instead of multiple videos spliced together.  Your video should include the following: 

  • First: State your name, high school, and career/college major/goals
  • Brass and Woodwinds 
    • Play a chromatic scale across the range of your instrument (ascending and descending)
    • Solo, etude, or excerpts from ensemble music (at least one lyrical and one technical excerpt of student’s choice).  Approximately three minutes of music.
  • Percussionists and Drumline
    • Please be prepared to play this percussion audition excerpt.
    • Prepare excerpts on any two instruments – Snare Drum, Mallets, Timpani
  • Jazz Ensembles 
    • Jazz etude or transcribed jazz solo (student’s choice)
    • Optional improvisation on B flat Blues

Students should also fill out the Instrumental Music Student Information Form and send it with their audition submission.

When your video is completed, please upload your audition to YouTube as an "unlisted" video, and email the link and any other audition materials to If needed, you may be contacted to schedule a Zoom video conference with the instrumental music faculty to ask and answer any questions.

For more information:

Brett Martinez