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Apprenticeship Partnerships - Student Support Service

Student Support Services

At Butler, we are deeply committed to your success. Part of that commitment is to provide various tools and resources to enhance your learning experience.

Tutoring Services
Butler provides tutors who can help enrich and enhance your understanding of subjects that may be particularly challenging for you. This service is free to any currently enrolled student. For more information, visit the Tutoring homepage.

Disability Services
Making Butler accessible to anyone with a disability is the mission of the Office of Disability Services. We are available to work with individual students who are currently enrolled at Butler to establish specific academic accommodations. For more information, visit the Disability Services homepage.

Help Desk

Call the Butler Service Desk at 316-733-3306 to ask a question or report a problem.

Butler Online

Butler Online has been serving students for more than 20 years. For assistance with Canvas, visit the Butler Online page.

Registrar's Office

Need help with transcripts? Butler's Registrat office is here to help. For more information, visit the Registrar homepage.

Associate in Applied Science       |      Associate in Applied Science in Workforce Development


BETA, Butler's Business Education and Training Analysis group, works with area apprenticeships to help round out educational offerings for their skilled employees. The result is a two-year degree from Butler Community College with credit from your apprenticeship. 

Our partnerships are part of the college's Corporate Studies program. Butler was one of the first in the state to offer an Associate Degree in Corporate Studies to assist trade school participants and apprentices in obtaining their two-year degree. This degree program is unique as it can be tailored to any industry. 

If you are interested in an apprenticeship program or are a union trades worker, please work with your apprenticeship first to get started. Then, complete a free application for admission. There is no application fee. An advisor will assist you every step of the way.


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