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Butler Federal School Code 001906

All required documents due date to avoid a payment contract:
July 1 for Fall; December 1 for Spring; May 1 for Summer

2013-2014 Forms - (Special Instructions)

Semesters include:        Fall 2013         Spring 2014         Summer 2014


Address Update

Authorization for Release of Information Form-Optional

Bachelor's Degree or Graduate/Professional Status

Cancellation of Aid at Butler

Degree Seeking

Dependency Override

Drug Worksheet - Question 23

FAFSA Signature

Fax Cover

Federal Work-Study Skills

GED Request

Identity and Statement of Educational Purposes

Income Status Document

Leadership Studies Agreement

PACE Appeal Form

Physician's Certification

Professional Judgment (Income)

Professional Judgment - Parent in College

Professional Judgment Income Status Document

Proof of Dependent Support

Request for Processing Based on Extension

SAP Appeal

Verification V1 - Dependent

Verification V2 - Dependent

Verification V3 - Dependent

Verification V4 - Dependent

Verification V5 - Dependent

Verification V1 - Independent

Verification V2 - Independent

Verification V3 - Independent

Verification V4 - Independent

Verification V5 - Independent


2013-2014 Applications

FAFSA - How to Fill Out the Application - VIDEO

FAFSA - Process Overview - VIDEO

FAFSA - on the Web - FASTER

FAFSA - Apply for Signature PIN

2013-2014 Financial Aid Information

Disbursement Schedule - Yearly

Federal Direct Loan Disbursement Schedule

Federal Direct Loan Process

Federal Funds Information Sheet

Federal Work-Study Payroll Schedule

International Transcript Credential Evaluators

IRS Data Retrieval Tool - DRT

Pell Grant Lifetime Eligibility Used (LEU)

Return to Title IV (R2T4)

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for Financial Aid

SAP Retention - Butler Wants You to Succeed!

SAP for Scholarships

Scholarship Contacts

Scholarship Descriptions

Scholarship Thank-You Card Guideline and Tips

Verification of Federal Application

Butler Federal School Code 001906 for the FAFSA
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