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September 2023

Shauna Bihlmaier
Sophomore - Liberal Arts
Eureka, KS

Student works in laboratory.Shauna started working as a Microbiology Lab Assistant during the Spring 2023 semester to earn lab experience before entering the Medical Lab Science (MLS) program at Wichita State University. Shauna’s efforts to ensure proper lab preparation not only make her an asset to the biology department, they offer her hands-on exposure to a challenging and competitive field.  

“She did the job of 3 lab assistants this summer, quite an amazing job,” Susan Forrest, Biology Lead Instructor said. “She did it without a lot of direction and was able to figure out what needed to be done without being told what to do. An amazing accomplishment for her second semester as a lab assistant. We could not have made it through the summer without Shauna. She represents the best use of our Biology Lab Assistant position.” 

Shauna’s college academic journey began when she joined the Army after high school, showcasing a seven-year long dedication to her studies and goals. She believes Butler is a great fit for her and her academic background. “As a student at Butler, it has given me motivation to move forward with my degree and career along with personal accountability to show up and give everything I have to be successful,” Shauna said. 

Shauna embraces her role and appreciates the responsibilities her position places on her. “As an employee, Butler has given me a sense of purpose; students and the microbiology professors count on me to prepare media – among other tasks – needed for labs and to stay on schedule.” Shauna believes this on-campus job will prove a useful resource for her academic and career goals, including an advantage over some of her academic peers. “Experience from this position will help me get into the Medical Laboratory Sciences program at Wichita State University,” Shauna said. “It is giving me experience and skills that are required for lab work and other responsibilities that I will have while in the program and possibly in my career after graduation.” 

Away from Butler, Shauna works another job and finds time to enjoy hobbies and visit with loved ones. She has a spunky mixed dog, Stella, she brought home with her from her time stationed in Guam, a goofy Great Dane, Koda, and recently purchased a pied ball python named Dood. She loves to travel, including multiple countries with the military and going on semi-frequent cruises with her family.

Microbiology Lab Assistant Student Worker Information

August 2023

Taylor Buehrle
Sophomore - Digital Media
McPherson, KS

Student takes pictures on campus.Taylor started as a student worker in the College Relations & Marketing Department last August to gain entry level experience and an advantage in securing the career she hopes for. She contributes to multiple areas in the department, giving her valuable job training. This hands-on experience includes interviewing Butler students and staff to create informative and publishable website pieces, editing large video files into usable selections and assisting with digital marketing duties. Taylor believes her position has offered her real-world experience and a professional portfolio that will benefit her job-hunting endeavors. 

“Taylor is a great asset to our team,” Rodney Dimick, Digital Production Manager, said. “She’s constantly willing to learn new skills to help us be more productive, especially in our video and photo area. Having her here to help assist us while we’re performing other tasks really helps move projects along smoothly. The work she has accomplished makes our lives easier.” 

Taylor enjoys her time as a Butler student and worker, crediting her classes and job duties for her gained independence and critical problem-solving skills. She is both an effective team player and independent worker, able to collaborate and share feedback when needed and take initiative on her own. 

“Butler helped me maintain a healthy balance within having a school and work life,” Taylor said. 

Outside of Butler, Taylor works as a model for M&I Models and spends time with her family, such as visiting Turkey for a month this summer. Once she is a Grizzly graduate, Taylor plans to use her Digital Media associate degree to immediately start working and continue her travels. 

Swotm marketing student graphic

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