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Makenzie Hott - May 2024

Sophomore - Cyber Security | Bishop Carroll Catholic High School, Wichita

Makenzie Hott is the May student worker of the month.Makenzie started her role in September 2022 and performs tasks related to helping students complete and update their financial aid forms. Makenzie has found value in her campus job, crediting it for a professional toolbelt she will use after graduating in May. 

Because her position is student-centered, Makenzie is comfortable conversing with students in person and over the phone. She was originally uncomfortable with phone call assists, as it is a different structure than in person, but she quickly found her groove and her “professional language.” 

“Makenzie assists students with all aspects of financial aid, scholarships and Kansas Promise,” Chasity Anderson, supervisor, expressed. “She has had a lot to learn and re-learn with all the changes to the FAFSA and student aid processes. She always takes time to understand and assist our students. We are so proud to have her in the Financial Aid office!” 

Makenzie enjoys her job and appreciates the challenges it has given her to help her grow professionally. She noted the formal interview was beneficial, as it encouraged her to prepare for questions, be personable and exercise professional conduct she’ll need in her career field. “Talking with them gave me a lot of interview skills, so I can be more comfortable answering questions in that environment,” Makenzie said. “They helped me build my teamwork skills, so I know I can ask questions on the job to learn.” 

As a Cyber Security major, Makenzie needed an internship to graduate. Her coworkers in the Financial Aid office connected her with the CEO of Tandem Cyber and previous Butler Chief Information Security Officer Tevin Manuel, who allowed Makenzie to be the first intern at the company. Makenzie’s work impressed them enough that she was offered a full-time position to begin after graduation. She is very relieved to have secured a position this early, taking away summer job hunting stress. 

“My associate degree gave me more than enough knowledge and hands-on experience for me to move straight into working,” she exclaimed. 

Outside of Butler and her internship, Makenzie spends time building and enhancing her computers, enjoys board and card games with her family, plays video games and has recently picked up reading. She is a competitive shooter, a family tradition she joined in high school to trap shoot with her dad and grandpa. 

Makenzie's job specifics for the financial aid office.

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