Eligibility and Eligible Coursework | Butler Community College

Eligibility and Eligible Coursework

Course Program of Study, CPOS

In accordance with federal regulations, only courses required for a student’s program of study at Butler may be used to determine a student’s Cost of Attendance, enrollment status, and federal financial aid disbursement eligibility. Butler also uses CPOS to determine satisfactory academic progress status. The Financial Aid Office utilizes Banner’s CPOS integration with DegreeWorks to comply with this requirement.

Retaking Coursework

Butler may award federal student aid to a student who is repeating a previously passed course, and may count the repeated course toward the student’s enrollment status, only for one repetition of the course. For this purpose, passed means any grade higher than an F. A student may be repeatedly paid for repeatedly failing the same course as long as they maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress. A student who withdraws from a previously passed course is not considered to have used their one allowed retake for that course. However, if a student passed a class once and then is paid for retaking it and fails the second time, that failure counts as their paid retake and the student may not be paid for retaking the class a third time. Even in situations where a student is required to retake all of the coursework for a term in which the student fails a course, only the first retake of previously passed course is eligible for federal aid. A course retake can only be eligible for federal student aid if that course is still in the student’s program of study.


If a student who received an incomplete in a course in the prior term is completing the coursework in the subsequent term to erase the incomplete in the prior term, the student is not considered to be enrolled in the course for the subsequent term, and the student may not receive federal aid for completing the course. If a student who received an incomplete in a course in the prior term is retaking the entire course for credit in the subsequent term, the hours in the course count toward the student’s enrollment status, and they may receive federal aid for retaking the course. Students who choose the later option must re-enroll in the course and will incur the tuition and fee cost again. The course must still be in the student’s program of study to receive federal aid for that course.