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Course Program of Study (CPOS)

How will CPOS Affect Students?

Effective Spring 2020, students will only receive Federal Financial Aid for courses required for their completion of Course Program of Study (CPOS) or Pathway. Below lists some 'Frequently Asked Questions' that student's may find helpful. Please feel free to reach out to the Financial Aid Office by emailing our office or by calling 316-322-3121 if you have any questions regarding CPOS.

What Is Course Program Of Study (CPOS)?

Course Program of Study (CPOS) is sometimes also referred to as 'Payment by Program'. CPOS is a process to ensure students only receive federal aid for classes that are required for their Butler degree. CPOS will follow the student's Butler pathway, as reported in 'MyDegree@Butler'.


Only paying federal aid for courses required for Butler degree completions is not a new regulation. However, until recently, the technology has not been available to monitor this in an efficient manner.  

When Will CPOS Be Implemented?

Implementation began Spring 2020. Students and advisors should keep CPOS in mind when enrolling for courses.

What Types of Financial Aid Are Affected by CPOS?

CPOS only applies to Federal Financial Aid such as Pell or SEOG grants, Federal Work Study, and Federal Direct loans. These types of aid will only pay for eligible courses that count toward the student's program of study. It does not affect eligibility for institutional aid, such as scholarships.

What Does This Mean for Students?

If a student is enrolled in classes not on the student's Butler pathway, those classes will not be included in the student's financial aid enrollment status calculation. For example, if a student is enrolled in 12 credit hours, but only 9 credit hours are required for the student's Butler degree, the student will only receive Federal Financial Aid based on 9 credit hours of enrollment. Since the student would be considered less than full-time for financial aid purposes, the student's Federal Financial Aid disbursement would be prorated.

Can Students Still Take Classes Outside Their Butler Pathway?

Absolutely! Students are welcome to take classes outside of their Butler Pathway. However, they will need to pay for those classes out-of-pocket or with non-federal financial aid. Students whose Federal Financial Aid exceeds the cost of the required courses they are enrolled in may allow payment for courses outside their Butler pathway. Contact the Financial Aid Office for details.

What About Classes Needed for a Transfer Institution?

If a student is enrolled in classes not on the student's Butler pathway, those classes will not be included in the student's financial aid enrollment status. If a student wants to receive maximum financial aid, the student will need to enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours on the student's Butler pathway in addition to any classes the student is taking that are not on the Butler pathway.

When Will Students Be Notified That Their Aid May Be Impacted Due to Non-Required Courses?

Butler's Students will be notified by Butler email, letter, and a message posted within their My.ButlerCC mobile app or their website app before a semester begins and during a semester.

What Should Students Do If a Course Is Not Listed as Part of Their Butler Pathway, But They Believe It Should Be?

The student should contact Academic Advising as soon as the discrepancy is noticed. The student should not modify their schedule until consulting an academic advisor. An advisor will review the Butler pathway, current enrollment, and academic history to determine whether the system is accurately accessing the student's coursework.