Student Employment FAQS | Butler Community College

Student Employment FAQS

General Questions

How do I obtain a job on campus?
How do I obtain a job off campus?
Where can I find the Employee Handbook?

Student Questions

What is Federal Work Study?
How do I apply for Federal Work Study?
Is there summer work study?
What are the benefits to working on campus?
Will my work study earnings affect the amount of financial aid I can receive for the next year?
Am I guaranteed a job if I am eligible for Federal Work Study?
Do I have to work if I am offered Federal Work Study?
Where are jobs posted and how do I apply?
Can I apply for multiple jobs on ATS?
What is the wage rate for student employees?
When do I get paid?
How many credit hours is required for employment?

Supervisor Questions

How do I post a job opening?
How do I know if the student is eligible for Federal Work Study?
How do I hire a student employee?
How do I terminate a student employee?