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You can't pass this by!  Here's why.

  • Last year 98% of Early College Academy graduates earned their associate degree from Butler and their high school diplomas during the same weekend.
  • Academy graduates earned more than $1.3 million in scholarship offerings and have a high acceptance rate to the 4-year colleges they have applied to, which include UCLA, Kings College London, Harvard, KU, K-State, Wichita State, Newman, Washburn, and many others. 
  • The total cost of our Early College Academy ranges from $3,000 - $5,000.

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Connect with us!  See for yourself the fun we have.

It's an Easy 6 Step Application Process!

  • Step 1: Complete the Academy Interest Form. Choose the Pathway that you are most interested in. - (The Early College Academy application will be emailed once interest form is received)

  • Step 2: Apply to Butler Community College.

  • Step 3: A transcript must be provided to determine program eligibility.

  • Step 4: Take the placement test. Help us find the best courses for you in Math and English.

  • Step 5: We require 3 reference letters - one of which is from your high school counselor.

  • Step 6: Meet with an Academy Director for your interview. We will contact you with that information when you are ready for this step.

You may also want to review the High School Student Enrollment Checklist.