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Bricklayer & Mason 

This 2-year apprenticeship program is designed for people who aspire to become a Bricklayer. Participants are prepared to use stones, bricks, or concrete blocks to create new structures such as walls, fences, walkways, and other masonry structures. Basically, masons use building materials to carry out construction. As a mason, some of your responsibilities include maintaining your tools and making sure they are in good shape, reading and following technical drawings for construction, and ensuring that your work area is clean and safe. This program is a career pathway that combines college coursework, mentoring, and on-the-job training. 

O*NET-SOC CODE: 47-2021.00 RAPIDS CODE:  0051 

Related Training Instruction (RTI) 

OSHA 10hr - Construction Industry Credits: 1 or 12 hours 

Craft Fundamentals Credits: 2 or 30 hours 

Introduction to Craft Skills Credits: 3 or 45 hours 

Masonry Career Introduction Credits: 3 or 45 hours 

Masonry Fundamentals Credits: 3 or 45 hours 

Masonry Quality Control Credits: 2 or 30 hours 

Masonry Craft Skills Credits: 4 or 60 hours